ZEA Biosciences Hits Milestone of 7% Variance Average

Milestone variance is 65% less than industry average

ZEA Biosciences achieved a milestone of 7% variance average with its innovative CleanGrow Technology™ (CGT) Platform. This 7% variance average is 65% less than the industry average, according to University researchers.


ZEA conducted variance testing with a variety of plants on its CGT Platform. The test was conducted over a 21-day period, as the plants matured. ZEA set its own target of 20%, but they surpassed its own goal with a 7.0863% variance.


Test details:
• Variance was measured using a number of key indicator tests that are generally accepted by the industry

• Plants were measured from start of germination for a 21-day period

• Growth conditions were optimized and improved with similar growth across all lettuce plants


“With this variance test, ZEA has established itself as an industry leader,” said James Wilson, Founder and CEO. “The 7% variance average is a milestone. With our innovative CleanGrow Technology™ (CGT) Platform, we have exceeded even our own expectations.”