What We Do


Zea Biosciences’ top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, board members, consultants, and guests. We provide our employees with personal protective gear, administer daily temperature checks, ensure stringent personal hygiene and safety requirements, utilize enhanced cleaning, and practice social distancing measures.

Our Vision

At Zea, we know that there is always a better way to heal the world—plants.

Zea Biosciences uses innovative Clean Grow Technology (CGT) to grow high quality botanical ingredients. Our transformative platform provides high levels of plant growth optimization, resulting in more clean, pure and cost-effective ingredients that go to market faster.

Our technology was first applied in growing lettuce plants to prove our ability to deliver molecular consistency in growth, improved delivery time and less waste. The process also proved that if the seeds are genetically the same, molecularly symmetrical plants can be grown time and time again.

Improvement of the platform continued with the use of machine learning and gave ZEA the ability to experiment with variables in order to fully optimize the growth of each plant. This allows for multiple trials to take place ensuring the most optimal path is identified for scaling each product. ZEA is GFSI certified and has acquired customers in the nutraceutical market producing Goldenseal and Tulsi Basil used in natural remedies.

In 2020, ZEA has entered the plant biologics market to grow quality ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Plant biologics are utilized in a variety of pharmaceuticals today and new research and breakthroughs are giving ZEA the opportunity to fully exercise the platform for revolutionary plant growth.

Our Science

It all starts with our CleanGrow Technology™ Platform (CGT). CGT ensures clean, consistent botanical ingredients, and guarantees the identity and potency of these ingredients.

With CGT Technology, plant one is the same as plant one million and one. Zea Biosciences can take a seed and grow it to customer specifications in ISO7 clean rooms. This virtually eliminates medical contamination.

ZEA has 15 patents filed, which are the backbone to ZEA’s CleanGrow Technology™(CGT).

Multiple Variable Trials

Our scientists can apply up to 27 variables across multiple trials at once, ensuring the highest quality, protein levels and biomass. This technology allows for multiple trials to take place, ensuring the most optimal path is identified for scaling each product.

  • Reproducibility
  • Minimal variation
  • Optimized expression
  • Multiple growth simulations

Our Culture

Here at Zea, we believe in honesty and transparency. No matter what.

Zea Core Values

Collaboration, Innovation, Ownership

No idea stands alone. Collaboration adds value to our customers, partners and for ourselves.
We take ownership of our ideas and projects, and with that comes empowerment.
Innovation means that we don’t run away from problems, we embrace them.
Our Core Values are not just words, they are how we live our lives. We believe that what we do is bigger than ourselves.