Quality. Consistency. Concentration.

More than 300 Plants Grown

ZEA grows more than 300 plant varietals. Our revolutionary CleanGrow TechnologyTM  (CGT) Platform offers consistent, high-quality and reproduceable ingredients for plant-based medicines. The CGT Platform merges biology with data to ensure that plant number one is the same as plant number one million.

Booming Market

More than 60% of the world’s population use nutraceuticals and herbal medicines. Plant-based nutraceuticals and supplements can help with general health, nutrition, sleep, and even skin and hair care.

  • Global nutraceutical market should exceed -$1 trillion dollars in the next five years
  • More than 70% of adults in U. S. take dietary- supplements
  • Biggest consumer of nutraceuticals are adults- ages 18-34
  • Natural health solutions without side effects -are a growing demand