Minimal Variation. Maximum Expression.

Plant Optimization Driven by Data Analytics

Our CleanGrow Technology™ (CGT) Platform merges biology with superior data analytics, resulting in minimal variation and maximum expression.

Collecting millions of data points on everything from seedling to post-harvest production. Applying up to 30 parameters across multiple trials at once, making plant one the same as plant one million.

Digital Growth Information System
  • Easy to replicate and scale 
  • Dynamic optimization of growth conditions
  • Amenable to statistical DOE for biomanufacturing
ISO7 Clean Room

The plants are grown inside an ISO7 clean room facility, minimizing the risk of pathogens, maximizing plant growth and biomass. Our environmentally controlled clean rooms allow for lower variability and increased reproducibility.

  • Sensors installed across the entire room to collect and record data
  • Designed by expert clean room manufacturer for scalability
  • Easy to replicate and scale
ZEA: The Leading Expert in Plant Biologics

Changing the landscape of drug discovery by cutting costs and driving innovation, ZEA is considered the leading expert in plant optimization.