ZEA Biosciences Announces New Tagline, “Uprooting Medicine”

ZEA’s new tagline is part of its overall branding strategy to position itself as a trailblazer in medicinal plant products

For release on August 26, 2020

Contact: Lynda Bassett
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WALPOLE, MA, USA—ZEA Biosciences, a manufacturer of medicinal plant products, announced the launch of its new brand tagline, “Uprooting Medicine.” The new tagline is part of ZEA’s overall branding strategy that positions itself as a trailblazer in medicinal plant products and creates a foundation for new business opportunities.

“ZEA is Uprooting Medicine by growing plants and using our proprietary technology to produce medicinal plant products and offer superior data analytics in what is a $400 billion dollar market,” says James Wilson, Founder and CEO of ZEA Biosciences.

“The tagline ‘Uprooting Medicine’ demonstrates our unique position as an industry leader. In addition, it also reflects our Core Values of Collaboration, Innovation and Ownership,” says Wilson.

“This solidifies our commitment to provide our pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and bioresearch customers with outstanding service, innovative breakthroughs, and superior data analytics so that they can succeed in their businesses,” adds Rob Adams, SVP and Founder of Controlled Environment Systems, and Special Environment Consultant for ZEA Biosciences.

“The new tagline offers a richer articulation of the company’s mission and vision,” says Wilson. The rollout will be part of the company’s visual identity, including its videos and recently launched website.

About ZEA Biosciences

ZEA is Uprooting Medicine with its revolutionary Clean Grow Technology™ (CGT) Platform. The CGT Platform produces medicinal plant products for our pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and bioresearcher customers.


For more information on ZEA Biosciences, visit www.zeabio.com, or connect with us on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zea-biosciences.