Jake Salvatore, Process Manager

Tell me about your job, and what do you do at ZEA.

I’ve been working with ZEA for about 1 ½ years. As Process Manager, I am overseeing both the financial functions and operations management for the company. Currently, I’m working on securing Series A financial funding for ZEA.

What do you like about working here?

I like that there’s no daily routine. Every day has new problems to solve and new challenges to overcome. You get to be independent and wear a lot of hats. My goal is to improve the efficiency in everything we do.  

What makes ZEA unique?

ZEA is doing something that no one has done before. At ZEA, we are uprooting medicine by growing plants and using proprietary technology to produce medicinal plant products and offer superior data analytics in what is a $400 billion dollar market.  

Tell us more about the proprietary technology.

It’s called the CleanGrow Technology™ Platform. It has the capacity to collect millions of data points on everything from seedling to harvest. It can apply up to 27 variables across multiple trials at once, which means that plant one is the same as plant one million.


What does it take to work at ZEA? You have to have a willingness to learn and ask questions—be a sponge! You also have to know how to follow protocols and have good attention to detail. This is a fast-moving company. You’ve got to be very flexible and open to change.


  What’s your goal for ZEA? I want ZEA to become the world’s largest plant biologics manufacturer. I know that we can achieve that goal.