Millions of Data Points

Maximizing the plant’s medicinal value and offering a clear path to predictability. With our CleanGrow Technology™ (CGT) Platform, ZEA can grow plants quickly, while collecting millions of data points. This gives researchers time to spend on what they do best: Research.

  • Superior data analytics
  • Reduced time spent during research
  • Cost savings
  • Better testing results

Data-Rich Results

With the data ZEA provides, and the time saved in research, papers and studies can be more refined. This allows for better testing and more experimentation.

From R&D to Production

We are the thought leader in plant optimization because of our agnostic and data-driven platform. Our transformative CGT Platform provides high levels of plant growth optimization, resulting in uncontaminated, unadulterated and molecularly similar elements that accelerate the rate from R&D to full-scale production.