Seasoned Biomedical CEO Joins ZEA’s Board of Directors

Contact: Caleb Parker 

Phone: +1 (413) 687-5702


Dr. Charles Sherwood, former head of research and development at Johnson & Johnson and CEO of Anika Therapeutics, has accepted a role on ZEA’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Charles Sherwood, Ph.D.

WALPOLE, MA, 12/29/2020

As ZEA Biosciences continues to expand its plant-based pharmaceutical operations, the company has actively sought out veteran pharmaceutical scientists and executives to fill managerial and advisory roles. Charles Sherwood, a long-standing pillar in the Massachusetts biotech community, is a recent and exciting addition to ZEA’s board of directors. 

“ZEA Biosciences has developed exciting technology that optimizes plant growth. This technology, when coupled with cutting edge research to develop plant-based drugs, could have a significant impact on the pharmaceutical industry not only in drug costs but also in access for the developing world. I am truly excited to be a part of this effort at ZEA.”

– Dr. Sherwood

Over the course of his career, Charles has served as the Director of Research and Development at Johnson & Johnson, Senior Director of R&D at Chiron Vision, and the President and CEO of Anika Therapeutics. Today, Dr. Sherwood manages Sherwood Ventures, a consulting and investment firm specializing in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. 

Dr. Sherwood received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and both his M.S. and Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering from the University of Massachusetts’ prestigious Polymer Science Center.

About ZEA Biosciences:

ZEA is a leading producer of plant-made biologics. Using their proprietary CleanGrow Technology™ ZEA grows optimized, minimum-variation plants for use in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and agricultural products.