Technology & Intellectual Property

The CleanGrow Technology™ Company


Our leading-edge CleanGrow Technology™ platform empowers critical plant cell processes, allowing us to optimize plants for specific customer needs, without the use of GMOs. Zea’s Design-Develop-Produce-Scale™ methodology (DDPS™) drives the delivery of customer-driven solutions that possess many advantages over traditional processes.

We partner with customers to develop high-value applications that deliver healthy nutraceutical products, bring better medicines to more people, and improve the growth of essential foods.

Zea's CleanGrow Technology™ platform combines optimized plant growth systems with statistical modeling, automation and large-scale production capabilities.

Our iterative DDPS process has generated significant knowledge of performance characteristics for individual plants and components (leaves, roots, etc). Using this database and accompanying software tools, Zea can rapidly design and construct single and multi-plant programs with predictable outcomes and supply, providing our collaborators a wealth of capabilities.

Details Reduce Incremental Costs

Using technology, we take common application processes (CAPs) to achieve a better-quality product and a lower cost.


Multi-Systemic Approach to Supply Chain

It's not about optimizing one part!


Plant Science Meets Data Science

Feedback mechanisms, driven by data science, will operate and evolve the plant growth process.