The Perfect Home for Your Next Research Project

Innovation is typically a team effort, and as a company that strives to be highly innovative, ZEA is constantly looking for new researchers to team up with and explore new frontiers in plant-based medicine. If you have an exciting plant that you’d like to grow and study or a new plant-based product you’d like to bring to life, ZEA’s state-of-the-art grow room and laboratory is the perfect place to house your project and make your ideas a reality. Here’s why:


Access to Industry Experts:

The ZEA Biosciences team is composed of seasoned professionals in pharmaceutical science, indoor farming, plant-made biologics, chemistry, and statistical analysis. By partnering with us, you’ll gain access to our employees and advisors, many of  whom have a wealth of insight and experience. Our team will oversee every step of your project, lending advice and assistance wherever needed. 


Access to patented Technology:

While you can’t take ZEA’s proprietary technology home with you, you are more than welcome to make use of it under our roof in our ISO-7 clean room facility. We’ve spent the better part of a decade engineering a steady-state platform that monitors and controls 30+ environmental factors, creating an optimum growth environment for hundreds of plant species. By growing in our platform, your research project will be supplied with plants that exhibit maximum biomass and minimum variation. 


In-depth Data analytics:


We perform exhaustive monitoring and reporting on a vast array of metrics and measurements. We collect this data for ourselves so we know how our platform is performing, and we collect it for you so you know how your plants are fairing in our grow room. In addition to collecting and packaging data for our collaborators, our Principal Scientist, Dr. Diogo Miron, is an excellent statistician and can furnish you with thorough analysis.

A path to commercialization:

If your research goes well and you are able to uncover a revolutionary new plant product, our cost-effective and scalable production platform offers you the option to easily increase the output quantity of your plant species. This seamless transition from academic to commercial growth is yet another reason why ZEA is the ideal home for your next research project. 

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