What Does Maximum Expression, Minimum Variation Mean?

Whether you’ve been following ZEA Biosciences specifically or the plant biologics industry in general, you’ve likely heard some iteration of the phrase “maximum expression, minimum variation.” These four simple words represent the heart of plant-based medicine and they are the keystone of our operation here at ZEA. In this article, we’ll break down what exactly variation and expression mean to us and why they’re such a crucial part of our process. 

Part 1. Maximum Expression

Not all plants grow to their full potential in nature. Unpredictable or inclement weather, inconsistent access to nutrients (sun, water, fertilizer, etc.), and harmful pests can disrupt a plant’s life cycle or halt it completely. At ZEA, our steady-state indoor facility closely monitors and controls 30+ variables to ensure optimal plant growth. Everything from our patented LED lighting system to our state-of-the-art watering system has been meticulously designed to maximize plant biomass. And, in doing so, ZEA maximizes the expression of the pharmaceutical molecule that we’re harvesting from those plants. By merging data with biology, we’ve created a process that is guided by nature, but protected by modern technology. We can also use our technology to optimize plants, pushing them beyond their normal capacity for producing a specific ingredient. 

Part 2. Minimum Variation

In order for our plants to be used in pharmaceutical products, they must be nearly identical to one another. This strict standardization guarantees consistent dosages, reliable quality, and safety for consumers. For ZEA, this means that the first plant in a given batch has to be the same as the thousandth plant in that batch. This is challenging because, as you know, plants do not grow identically in nature. However, with the help of our proprietary CleanGrow Technology we are able to grow plants within this FDA approved range of minimal variation. This is especially important for us as we scale up our operation. Without having achieved minimal variation, we wouldn’t be able to expand our production because the more we expanded, the more that variation between plants would increase exponentially. Since we are able to guarantee minimal variation, we are able to scale up our number of grow rooms. To summarize, variation is a crucial variable for two reasons. First, it allows us to meet FDA regulations which makes it possible for us to produce pharmaceutical ingredients. Second, it gives us the confidence to grow and expand our production because we know that our platform can be reproduced ad infinitum. 

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