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ZEA is doing everything we can to protect the health, safety and well-being of our employees, board members, vendors, and shareholders.

ZEA Biosciences is a Biotech Service Provider (BSP).
Scale. Consistency. Data.

ZEA is a biotech service provider that has developed a revolutionary CleanGrow Technology™ Platform (CGT). The CGT Platform produces high-quality plant biologics for our researchers, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical customers. It accelerates R & D and expedites the go-to-market strategy.

ZEA’s innovative CGT Platform provides high levels of plant growth optimization, resulting in clean, pure and cost-effective ingredients.

Our Science

Merging Data with Biology

ZEA’s revolutionary CleanGrow Technology™ Platform merges data science with biology to produce uncontaminated, unadulterated and molecularly similar biologic ingredients.


ZEA’s suite of complementary technologies combines the principles of precision biological grow engineering with statistical modeling, automation and large-scale production.

Multiple Variable Trials

Our scientists can apply up to 27 variables across multiple trials at once, ensuring the highest quality, protein levels and biomass. This technology allows for multiple trials to take place, ensuring the most optimal path is identified for scaling each product.