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Revolutionary Technology​

ZEA has developed a revolutionary CleanGrow Technology™ (CGT) Platform that optimizes plant growth for our researcher, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical customers. This cutting-edge technology establishes a clear path to predictability, ensuring that plant number one is the same as plant one million.

  • Reproduceable
  • Scalable
  • Minimal variability
  • Low cost
  • Better for the environment

Merging Data with Biology

The CGT Platform merges biology with data analytics. It collects over thirty parameters to optimize the growth cycle of a plant.

  • Environmentally controlled growth conditions
  • Minimal risk of pathogens
  • Uncontaminated, unadulterated and molecularly similar biologic ingredients

Optimized Plant Growth

Our revolutionary technology enables researchers to save time and money by growing plants quickly and providing superior data analytics that can accelerate the research process, from the R&D bench to full scale production and commercialization.

Scalable Solution

Our ISO7 Clean Rooms can be easily replicated and scaled and provides identical growing conditions. This is the new generation of medicine.