ZEA Biosciences Hires World-Class Pharmaceutical Chemist

Dr. Diogo Miron will oversee ZEA’s in-house and collaborative research projects. Dr. Miron brings 15+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience to ZEA’s laboratory and grow room.

Dr. Diogo Miron, Ph.D.

WALPOLE, MA, 01/04/2021

Since pivoting to plant-based pharmaceuticals, ZEA has worked diligently in collaboration with a number of universities and organizations to carry out research projects in the field of plant biologics. Now, ZEA has brought their own pharmaceutical chemist on board to plan and execute projects of his own. Diogo’s background as an analytical chemist will elevate ZEA’s robust data reporting program and add value to collaborators’ research projects.

“Having a man of Diogo’s talents and experience at ZEA will take our game to a whole new level. We’ve engineered a cutting edge platform capable of producing plant-based medicine. Now, we have our own biochemistry expert to supervise that platform. This is a big day for ZEA, and a promising sign as we begin the new year.”

– James Wilson, CEO of ZEA Biosciences

Dr. Miron was first introduced and recommended to ZEA by the company’s Science Advisory Board. The board members have played a central role in guiding ZEA into the uncharted white-space of plant-based medicine. Having a scientist like Diogo in the office will provide that same level of guidance and expertise on a consistent day-to-day basis.

About ZEA Biosciences: ZEA is a leader producer of plant-based medicine. Using their proprietary CleanGrow Technology™ ZEA grows optimized, minimum-variation plants for use in pharmaceutical, agricultural, and supplemental products.