ZEA Biosciences to Begin Eugenol Hypertension Clinical Trial with Native American Population

ZEA will evaluate Tulsi Basil as a natural treatment for hypertension


ZEA Biosciences will begin evaluating potential individuals for entry into a clinical trial in order to measure and offer treatment for hypertension within the Native American population.


Approximately 27% of Native Americans have been diagnosed with hypertension. ZEA will monitor the effectiveness of Tulsi Basil as a natural treatment for hypertension. Research has shown that Tulsi Basil and its active ingredient, Eugenol, can help treat hypertension.


In this trial, participants who have been diagnosed with hypertension will drink Tulsi Basil tea. Over the course of 90 days, their blood pressure will be recorded and monitored.


The National Institutes of Health states that plant biologics like Tulsi Basil are safer, scalable, and much less expensive than their synthetic counterparts. In fact, the NIH also states that plant biologics may help control potential pandemics in the future, because of how quickly they can be made.


“Our hope is to help Native Americans who have been disproportionately affected by hypertension. The clinical trials will show whether drinking Tulsi Basil tea will lower the blood pressure of this population,” said James Wilson, Founder and CEO of ZEA Biosciences. “Ultimately, we would like to offer the Native Americans a natural alternative to help treat this terrible disease,” he added.


ZEA is a biotech service provider that has developed a revolutionary CleanGrow Technology™ (CGT) Platform. The CGT Platform produces high-quality plant based medicinal products for our researcher, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical customers. It accelerates R & D and expedites their go-to-market strategy.